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Prolog Data Capture and Management

PROLOG is a Windows-based software package for the collection and management of text-based log data as typically produced by process control and monitoring equipment, metering systems, analytical instruments and many other industrial, scientific and security systems.

It is especially suitable for the replacement of traditional dot-matrix printers, and provides reliable long-term multi-channel logging with easy and seamless access to live and historical data. PROLOG consists of 2 modules:

PROLOG CAPTURE receives, formats, stores and archives the log messages. Data can optionally be replicated in real-time either locally or on a network drive for additional security or for access by network clients.

PROLOG VIEWER allows any number of users to view, filter and print live or historical data. Data is always viewed in time-of-arrival order, but custom views of the data can easily be constructed using simple yet powerful filtering tools. Hard copy of all data views may easily be taken or exported via the Windows Clipboard.

In a stand-alone installation both programs can run on the same PC, however an unlimited number of clients can simultaneously access the data using normal networking procedures. The PROLOG viewer may be freely distributed - any number of clients may install this package at no extra cost, for either live or offline viewing.

The PROLOG data structure is intentionally simple, with logs stored as text-based daily files and compressed monthly files. Data from any period may be easily located and exported for offline viewing. Both programs are stand-alone, and require no external database engine - network client access is purely by file-sharing.

Both programs may be installed on any WIN32 platform with no special requirements, however WINDOWS 2000 or WINDOWS XP is recommended for the capture system purely for the greater stability inherent in that OS.

PROLOG is supplied with either a 4 or 8 port RS232 PCI serial card.

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